HEAD LITEs - Compact headlamps designed for work

In almost every working situation it is convenient to have both hands free to carry out your work as efficient as possible. The HEAD LITEs are developed to provide you with such indispensable and supportive bright work light.


Rechargeable headlamp with sensor function, up to 150 lumen.


Headlamp with sensor function and incl batteries, 150 lumen.


Price attractive headlamp excl batteries, 140 lumen.

// Choose between Alkaline and rechargeable model

// Sensor function with touchless on/off switch

// 2 light settings for maximized operating time

// Waterproof (IP54) to resist workshop environment

// High wear comfort with adjustable elastic headband

High efficient COB LED headlamp
HEAD LITE S is a compact headlamp designed for the professional user who wants a basic headlamp that is easy to operate and applicable for all kinds of working tasks. It is supplied with a stepless dimmer function, and the lamp head is easily adjusted to obtain the optimum work lighting angle.

Advanced headlamp with 2-in-1 light function
The rechargeable HEAD LITE is designed to provide optimum work light illumination with 2 different lighting functions in one: a floodlight beam angle illuminating your entire work area and a focused beam angle for inspection or long-distance use. Choose between 2 light levels (50% or 100%) depending on your task and need for efficient illumination.

Comfortable headlamp with batteries
HEAD LITE A is compact designed and comfortable to wear with a soft builtin protection pad to avoid imprint on the forehead. Actually, after only few minutes you will stop noticing you wear it. In spite of the small size, the light output has been improved and optimized for maximum performance, enabling the HEAD LITE A to illuminating your entire work area very efficiently. HEAD LITE A is easy to operate and applicable for all kinds of working tasks.

Touchless sensor
Both headlamps have touchless sensor function making it easy to switch on/ off the lamp by just waving in front of the headlamp. In this way you can activate the lamp with thick gloves, and avoid touching the switch button with dirty hands. To avoid unintentional activation you have to activate the sensor with a dual movement.

Flexible lighting position
The lamp head is easily adjusted to obtain the optimum work lighting angle.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop


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