SCANGRIP has made protection vice jaws for vices for decades and is the world’s biggest manufacturer in this special niche with a complete range of products for all kinds of clamping tasks and all possible vice sizes. We are proud to present the next generation of vice jaws in a new, improved design offering great impact resistance.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

// Extremely powerful magnetic strip

// Great impact resistance

// Various jaws to fit different kinds of work

// The choice of proud craftsmen for decades

Improved technology, proven construction
The MAGNEFIX vice jaws provide a firm, yet gentle grip and will be the choice of all demanding and proud craftsmen. MAGNEFIX jaws are equipped with an extremely powerful magnetic strip which easily attaches the jaw to the vice and ensures a rapid setup. The magnetic strip is only magnetic against the vice jaws and will not attract debris or fillings to the clamping surface nor magnetize the clamped parts.

Made for work
Each of the 6 different MAGNEFIX types offer various clamping abilities and are useful for different kinds of work. The jaws can also be used in combination and offer superior corrosion resistance along with excellent surface finish making the alloy the ideal material for securing your item firmly in the vice while still protecting the surfaces of your delicate objects.